About us

About Us

Integrated Marketing founded 5 years ago is a company based in George on the Garden Route.  We are a unique marketing company that provides comprehensive services to our clients. The products and services that we provide are all in-house, creating a safe space for clients to feel like they are getting value for money.

With the advancement of technology, marketing on a variety of platforms is an essential part of getting a business noticed.  Websites, social media, accurate and appropriate brand advertising coupled with video exposure, all makes for the “complete” picture.

At Integrated Marketing we provide this service and more!

We will assist you from the development of a clear marketing strategy, creating your company logo and branding, photography, website development etc.

Owning over 200 marketing directories gives us the edge when advertising, as we give our clients maximum exposure across the country. We also cover applicable target markets on tourism, accommodation, weddings, businesses, restaurants etc.

Integrated Marketing has a range of magazine publications which are distributed under our brand SA Info Magazines and covers various routes, towns and regions including maps, interesting information and business advertising.

Integrated Marketing is the umbrella organisation to 3 other business entities : Wildshots, Photo Workshop and SA Info Magazines.

Marketing is our passion and our drive – contact us today for more information …

Integrated Marketing - About us

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